We use selected natural ingredients prepared with the best methods.


Our family tradition ensures quality and craftsmanship.


Surprising, imaginative,
customisable creations.


Over 40 years ago, gelato master Angelo Corvitto began his career in the world of ice cream

Dedicating himself passionately to the adventure with a clear commitment to innovation. In 2000, his son Hervé Corvitto joined the team to bring added energy, adapting and perfecting the technique to the new demands of the food industry, working from latest-generation facilities located in the Empordà region.

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To make good ice cream, you need good natural ingredients, a good technique and a good production process.


To make the best ice cream, you need the best natural ingredients, the best technique and the best production process.


Our priority goal is to never stop striving to be “the best”.


Angelo Corvitto

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