Dream up your own ice cream and we will create it for you.

At Gelats Angelo, we love investigating and discovering new flavours.


Recognised for our ice creams’ quality and our constant innovation in both sweet and savoury flavours, we work each day for restaurant professionals around the country. We select natural ingredients and create surprising, customised ice creams using the best production methods.


Ice Cream Parlours

We have an unlimited catalogue of ice creams, made following the family tradition, using genuine flavours and innovation to surprise every palate. Refreshing and innovative creations that coexist in our workshop with the tradition and the traditional flavors for ice-cream stores that value the most essential, quality.


Retail and Catering

For retail sale, we propose a selection of our most representative flavours packaged in an elegant 500-ml container. We also offer the same container in the 100-ml format for individual consumption. These products are designed for delicatessens and catering companies who value quality and wish to stand out from more conventional ice creams.